Monday, March 28, 2005

Preparation for travel.

I need to start to prepare for travelling. I have made the list and have got a few things done. But I have to start the packing. I haven't even taken the suitcases out. My dresses that I have given for stitching are yet to arrive. I got two of them stitched earlier but they need some alteration. So I had to give them back for that. I am supposed to get them tomorrow.

Today we went to get the books that Sasha got as a prize in school. The school gives a coupon for a book shop. We got her 2 books. I added some amount for her attending school without missing a single day. I am proud of her because she decided to do it on her own. I don't think I attended school with 100% attendence in any year. This year she got two for handwriting and another one for Gita chanting. She bought a story book and a writing practice book for hindi. After that we went to get my shoes exchanged(which I had bought yesterday) . I got a larger size.

Later Sasha wanted to eat out so we went to eat out. But I did not have anything. I had already eaten some snack at home before leaving and was not hungry at all . We also brought some chocolate icecream home. She also got a box of butter toffees for herself.

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