Friday, June 10, 2005


Last week there was a meeting for the music class students. I didn't attend as we went to visit the factory. On our way back, we went to a restaurant. There was a heavy rain and we were stuck in the Green Leaf restaurant. The car was stuck under a branch of a tree. We came home by autorickshaw. on our way back we saw many fallen trees and the roads flooded. Many people were stranded.

The house at the factory is ok. I didn't like some of the things but the kitchen is ok. Other than that I felt some fittings were unnecessary. but any way I am not the one spending for them nor am I going to stay there and use them.

At the restaurant, Sasha ordered roti and Alu-palak Which I decided to share along with more roties. S. had chana bhatura, which is his favourite. Uncle had bhel which was not so tasty so he tried to dump it on Sasha. She was very hungry so she ate some. Then the rain started and she was scared. somehow I was enjoying it. it was a great rain I had never seen anything like that. a tree fell in the compound of the restaurent. even then we didnt realise how strong the wind was. after the rain stopped, that was after about 45 minutes, we realised how bad it was. the car was stuck. another car was crushed under a branch. there were people looking to cut the branches to take home as firewood. we were sure that within a few minutes the branches will be cleared. the roads were full on water. by the time they were looking to see if they could take the car out, me and Sasha, we had ice cream at a nearby bakery. I had kulfi which was not so good and she had a mango candy. Kulfi was disappointing compared to the one I had eaten in Pune.

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