Friday, March 18, 2005


Sasha's exam is getting over today. In fact, at this moment, she is writing at school. After the school she going to her friend's house. They are also planning to celebrate in the school bus on the way back. She has been looking forward to it for the last two weeks. They (the older students) have collected some money and she has also taken a big packet of spicy potato chips. They are planning to get some cakes and colas etc. I hope Sasha and all others enjoy it.

I feel the relief that now I don't have to make her sit in the evenings to study. She can go and play with her friends to her heart's content. I am also happy that I can get on with the work that I had planned to do as I don't have to sit with her to make her study. She does her everyday homework on her own but otherwise I have sit with her at the regular tests and exams time. I now have some extra time and I hope I will be able to use it well.

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