Saturday, March 19, 2005

After the exam

Sasha has finished her exam but is yet to return home. The last time her friend visited our home to play, they had planned for Sasha to go to the friend's house on the last day of the exam. So today she has gone there directly from school. Both ride the same bus. Now I have to go and pick her up.

From tomorrow I don't have to wake her up early. I can also get on with my exercises and yoga and pranayama as I will not be in a hurry to finish that and prepare breakfast and wake her up and get her ready for school. For the next two months, till May 30th actually, she has holiday. We are planning to go to visit my parents on April 1st. We will come back in the first week of May. Hubby will be here alone. Sasha is just waiting to go to meet her grandparents, aunts(my two sisters) and her four cousins.

I still cannot believe that she is already eight year old. It seems just yesterday that she came into our life as a three month old adopted baby girl. Our life has seemed more worthwhile since then. I have just forgotton how we lived without her. Sure my house was neater and I had more time for myself. Actually too much time for myself. Her arrrival changed everything. As somebody said to me after she came. now your house looks better with all the baby things scattered around. Previously it looked too neat.

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