Friday, June 24, 2005

My daily exercise routine

As I get up around 5.30 in the morning, I first drink warm water with honey and lime which is prepared by my husband. If it has not been prepared, I drink only warm water. He goes for a walk at 5.30. After that I do some body loosening exercises. After that some yoga and pranayama. Then I do the sudarshan kriya.

12 years back I and my husband used to go yoga class which was very near my house. We went for about a year during which time I learnt about 40 asanas (poses). Later I stopped going to class but continued to do the asanas at home. On Sundays, we used to go to Chamundi hill. There are a 1000 steps which we used to climb. We used to come down running. There were a lot of people climbing the hill, people of all ages.

After Sasha's arrival, my hill climbing stopped but I still did the yogasanas, though not as regular as earlier. Since about 4-5 years I am going for a walk in the evening. I have got so used to these walks that I try not to miss them. I do not take any students after 6 o'clock as I do not want to miss my walk. 6 to 7 is my walking time , a time that I reserve for myself. Walking the double road, I think of a lot of things. mainly about my writing. While writing , think better. I think about a story, about and essay and I find that there is a good flow of thoughts.

In the mornings, my routines is same. Sudarshan kriya has become a habit for me. I also enjoyed the basic course that I attended three years back. Daily practice is supposed to remove the emotional stress. it is also supposed to improve the oxygen intake. It is said that we do not use our lung capacity to the full extent. Sudarshan Kriya improves that. The pranayama also helps in that. Daily sudarshan kriya practice has made me more peaceful. It has also made me more self aware. I am more important for myself now. Previously I didn't take myself seriously. I was not much bothered how my life decisions were taken by others. I know I have lost a lot of time because of that. But not any more. It is still not too late to live my life the way I want to live it.

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