Sunday, January 09, 2011

Going on a holiday

I am going on a Kerala tour with my sister. She is arriving here in two days along with her son. He will stay here till we leave for the tour. Then he will go back to his job. May be he wants to make sure his mom is really going on a tour.

We are going for a week. Two years back we went to Rajasthan and it was a great time. I am looking forward to have good time now too. It will be good to be away from the routine life for some time.

We would be happy to spend time with each other. We have already seem most of the places we will be visiting. we visited them long back when our parents took us on a south India tour. I remember most of it. I have been planning to visit those places again but somehow it never happened so far.

After that I am planning to get busy with the new site I have started.
I feel very positively about this new site. The other two are doing
good and I can leave them to earn on their own.