Friday, November 26, 2010

Working from home again and enjoying.

I have again got used to working from home only. Of course I have been doing that for the last almost 20 years. But in between 3 years I went out for a part time job of teaching at the college. It was ok while it lasted. It was an experience that I wanted to have.  Now after that experience I feel it is better to work for yourself. I love being self employed. I am sure I will not go again to work for somebody else.

While I was working at the college, I used to work with my websites too. And also my home tuition. All this in addition to the usual housework and cooking etc. I also used to miss the freedom of working from home.Though I liked being busy all the time, I missed not getting any time to read. Now I read regularly. I have already completed a few books. 

We also get more time to go out after sasha goes to school. I like the lazy mornings. After sending sasha to school, I spend an hour or two at the computer. First checking how much I have earned and then reading mail or working at my websites.

Life is Good!

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