Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Finally we bought a house. I am ok with that 20 year old house as it is  but the others are not. It is true that the design is not perfect. But I feel it is good. The construction is very good.

We  tried to see if we can renovate it, but looks like that is not possible. We will need to make lot of compromises to get what we want. 

Anyways, after a lot of deliberations we decided to demolish the old house and build according to our design. Now the architects are working according to our suggestions and then the work will start.

we are not in a hurry as I am not planning to shift till next May, till A's exam is over.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming back here after a long time. I keep writing in my mind all the time and then there is no need to come and write here. today I returned here because got an email from google about updating blogs. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.

I am kind of taking things easy now. Decided not to feel guilty about not doing things and feeling relaxed. I think I should have done that earlier too.

In January, I went on a tour to Orissa. It was very enjoyable.  

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

If I own my house.

I love the house I live in. It is a rented house and we have been staying here for about 18 years. It is spacious enough for us. The only small room is the kitchen and it is old fashioned too. I wish the kitchen was bigger and modern. Other than that I have no problems with this house.

The other day, i was walking on the terrace and i thought, may be the owner would agree to sell this upper portion to us. then we could make the changes that we like. i am not sure the owner would do that. but no harm in dreaming, isn't' it?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Going on a holiday

I am going on a Kerala tour with my sister. She is arriving here in two days along with her son. He will stay here till we leave for the tour. Then he will go back to his job. May be he wants to make sure his mom is really going on a tour.

We are going for a week. Two years back we went to Rajasthan and it was a great time. I am looking forward to have good time now too. It will be good to be away from the routine life for some time.

We would be happy to spend time with each other. We have already seem most of the places we will be visiting. we visited them long back when our parents took us on a south India tour. I remember most of it. I have been planning to visit those places again but somehow it never happened so far.

After that I am planning to get busy with the new site I have started.
I feel very positively about this new site. The other two are doing
good and I can leave them to earn on their own.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Working from home again and enjoying.

I have again got used to working from home only. Of course I have been doing that for the last almost 20 years. But in between 3 years I went out for a part time job of teaching at the college. It was ok while it lasted. It was an experience that I wanted to have.  Now after that experience I feel it is better to work for yourself. I love being self employed. I am sure I will not go again to work for somebody else.

While I was working at the college, I used to work with my websites too. And also my home tuition. All this in addition to the usual housework and cooking etc. I also used to miss the freedom of working from home.Though I liked being busy all the time, I missed not getting any time to read. Now I read regularly. I have already completed a few books. 

We also get more time to go out after sasha goes to school. I like the lazy mornings. After sending sasha to school, I spend an hour or two at the computer. First checking how much I have earned and then reading mail or working at my websites.

Life is Good!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gave up my teaching job.

Last year, When the college shifted place and I had to travel double the distance than before, I decided I would give it a year and see how it works. We were three going together from this area and shared an auto. While coming back, we were only two. It was ok.

Now, I have decided I am not going this year. I do not like the long commute. Earlier, while teaching from home, I have got used to not spending any time and money for getting to work. Students came to me. So I think I will just continue that.

I also have my websites to work at and that I enjoy. I plan to work more on them.

I know I will also miss going out three days a week. Working from home means I don't need to dress up to go out which has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Meditation - Introductury talk and I joined.

I saw the ad in the local evening newspaper about this active meditation from osho center. I called up to find the details. He said that the workshop was for 6 days and for an hour everyday. The fee was reasonable and there was going to be an introductory talk on Sunday morning. I decided to go for the introductory talk and then decide.

When I went there, there were two other people there, a boy and another lady. I was the third and the last one to arrive.

He explained to us what we will be doing during the mediation. The instructions would be given at the beginning of each session and the meditations would be done with music.

There would be one morning session and all other sessions would be in the evening between 6.30 to 7.30 pm. It is a suitable time for me. The session would get over by 7.40pm(including the instructions) he said.

I needed to reschedule my evening classes at home and that was not a problem. So I said I would join. The boy said he can not join because he was working and studying and the time did not suit him. The foreigner lady too went off when he said that the fee for foreigner was more.

So I was the only one left and so I said that though I was interested in joining, I didn’t want to do it alone. He said there were another two foreigners who were already doing a yoga and pranayama course and would be doing these meditations too with us. That was fine for me and I filled the form and paid.