Sunday, February 16, 2020

Rangayana Bahurupi 2020, Mysore, Inauguration, Shadanbagi Eshei - Manipuri drama

The first day it was very crowded as expected. It was also very noisy.
We couldn't even go to take a look at the stalls.
We had some snacks as I was feeling hungry, girmit and mirchi bhajji. Girmit was bland and disappointing. Give me churmuri and bhel any day. Mirchi bhajji was ok.

Hubby went to take a look at the inauguration function. Actor Anant Nag was inaugurating. I could hear the speeches from where I was sitting.

The Manipuri drama was supposed to start at 7.30. But, it started late. They let us in the theater 15 minutes late and then again made us wait more. The spectators got restless and started protesting, demanding the reason for the delay.

It turned out that the inaugural function was still going on and the organizers wanted to wait till it was over.

After some more delay and some shouting from the spectators, the drama started.

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