Monday, May 06, 2019

The new house built after demolishing the old one

We recently shifted to a new house. We bought a site which had a 20 year old house on it. The construction was very good but the design wasn't to our requirements.

The bedrooms were too small. The bathrooms were too big. One bathroom had a bath tub. We do not use bathtubs at all. Never.

We tried to see if we could renovate the existing house. Even after consulting some architects, friends to see if it were possible to do some changes we found that it couldn't be done. So we decided to demolish the house and construct a new one.

It took about a year but it is finally done. And we shifted after doing the house warming ceremony.

We have some additional space now. We already have enough furniture for the ground floor rooms. We will need to get some furniture for the upper floor rooms.

I am happy that I will have some gardening space too.

We already have a few grown trees. Mango, guava, pomegranate, coffee beans etc. We retained all those as we did not want to cut them down.

I would love to have a kitchen garden. I am also going to do some home composting with my kitchen waste.

Let me see how things go!

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