Sunday, May 09, 2010

Meditation and Me

I have been feeling that I need to do meditation but did not know how. I have tried a few times and end up not doing anything. That is, I just sit there thinking about something. And I don’t think that is meditation.

Meditation does not happen easily for me. I have to work at it and I think that just is not the right thing to do if you have to work at it. I have tried to read a few books and articles about meditation but no use.

I have already done the art of living basic course and it does help me. I have been doing sudarshan kriya for the last few years. Though not so regularly recently.

I want to learn to do meditation and was wondering how to do it.

I also need some regular physical activity. The exercises I do are not enough. I used to go for walks regularly. But many times it becomes impossible to do that.
In the morning I have my kitchen work to send daughter to school and then I have to go to college. In the evening, I have my classes at home and by the time I finish, it is seven and already dark outside. So I can’t go.

I thought I would walk in the mornings more, during summer holidays as there is no school but that has not happened.

In addition to that when it is possible to go I feel lazy to do that. So with all this I don’t get enough physical activity. Add to that that I spend most of the time sitting.

Sitting in front of the computer has become more and more common time pass. I sit down when I am teaching at home. Only in college, I teach standing as I like to look at all the students when I am explaining things.

I have been looking to join a group somewhere where I can do some physical activity, I have not been able to do thing alone. But I have not been able to find any group here near my home.

So when I saw the ad for the active meditations workshop in the local paper, I was happy. Frankly speaking, I don't know what is really active meditation. But I do want to learn meditation. So I thought I would take a look.

Even before calling the number given, I decided I would join and see.

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