Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Farewell to Aunt

My aunt, my mother's eldest sister passed away yesterday morning. She had been bedridden for about 2 years since she had a stroke. A few times she had been admitted to hospital and was expected to die, but didn't. The doctors had given up on her but her will to live was strong.

Last month her grandson, my nephew got married. Though she was not able to attend, she was happy. But the condition she was in, everybody worried that her dying at that time would have been a problem. Her son couldn't have performed the wedding. Anyway, now the wedding is over and her dying need not hinder anything or anybody.

Though she was above 80 years old, her interest in life was always there. Her's was a life story I would have liked to write. I may still write it. She said to me once,'I want to write my life story.'

She was married off at the age of 16, to a man whom she had not seen. Her father, my maternal grandfather, was a orthodox priest. Ganga was his eldest daughter. When someone suggested a brahmin groom, he immedietly agreed and fixed the marriage date a week later. Then he came home and told everybody what he had done. Grandmother and Ganga protested but to no avail. It was done.

She had 8 children. 5 girls and then 3 boys.

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Twiggy said...

so sorry to hear about your loss